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Bangladesh Marriage Resources

We designed this page for those who are interested in marriages involving people who have an interest in Bangladesh. Everyone is looking for the perfect person. However, finding the perfect groom or the bride is not always an easy task. Bangladeshis all around the world are facing a challenge to find the most suitable groom
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The Colorful Wedding Customs of Bangladesh

Weddings in Bangladesh take several days and are very elaborate. Typically, wedding customs in Bangladesh take three days from engagement to post wedding rituals. Bengali weddings involve the groom, bride and close relatives. Marriage is viewed as very special and sacred and is met with great enthusiasm. The pre-engagement ritual is known as Adan Pradan
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Bangladeshi Weeding

Bengali wedding (Bengali: বিয়ে, বিবাহ) includes many rituals and ceremonies that can span several days.In most cases,it starts with the Aiburo Bhaat ceremony,and ends with the OSHTOMONGOLA(returning of the newly wed daughter to her parent’s house,eight days after marriage) ceremony.Though the rituals differ with the varios districts of Bengal,usually it is classified into two: the Ghoti andBangal rituals   Arranging the wedding[edit
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