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Bangladeshi Weeding

Bengali wedding (Bengali: বিয়ে, বিবাহ) includes many rituals and ceremonies that can span several days.In most cases,it starts with the Aiburo Bhaat ceremony,and ends with the OSHTOMONGOLA(returning of the newly wed daughter to her parent’s house,eight days after marriage) ceremony.Though the rituals differ with the varios districts of Bengal,usually it is classified into two: the Ghoti andBangal rituals


Arranging the wedding[edit source | editbeta]

traditional wedding is arranged by Ghotoks (matchmakers), who are generally friends,relatives of the couple,or sometimes even mere professionals. The matchmakers facilitate the introduction,and are given special gifts known as Ghotokbidae(bidding goodbye to the Ghotoks).

Bengali weddings are traditionally in four parts: the ‘gaye holud, the wedding ceremony called Bibahobashor, and the reception known as Bou-bhaat. These take place on separate days. The first event in a wedding is Ashirvaad,where the elders of both families assemble to bless the bride and groom to-be with gifts of gold,silken clothes and dhan-durbo(husked rice and a special grass),signifying wealth,prosperity and well-being.The groom and bride may as well exchange rings,but this is not a part of the traditional Bengali wedding however.This marks the beginning of the elaborate wedding rituals.

A Bengali Hindu Marriage can be divided into the following parts:

  • Pre-wedding RitualsAdan Pradan, Patri Patra, Ashirvad, Aai Buro Bhaat, Vridhi/Nanimukh, Dodhi Mangal, Holud Kota, Adhibas Tatva, Kubi Patta, Snan, Saankha Porano
  • Wedding RitualsBor Boron, Potto Bastra, Saat Paak, Mala Badal, Subho Drishti, Sampradan, Yagna, Saat Pak (couple), Anjali, Sindur Daan and Ghomta
  • Post-Wedding RitualsBashar Ghar, Bashi Biye(for the Bangal families), Bidaye, Bou Boron, Kaal Ratri, Bou Bhaat, Phool Sajja, Dwira Gaman

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